"One Death is Too Many"
    WA Police Department
    In the 12 months since we last marched, there have been 16 recorded homicides in Western Australian due to  family and domestic violence.
  • The Facts
    "Child Sexual Abuse"
    One in three girls and one in six boys will be abused before the age of 18years.  In order to work towards preventing children becoming victims of abuse, it is vital to educate children on their rights of personal safety.
  • The Laws
    "Sexting Is Illegal"
    Don't end up on the Sex Offender Register
    40% of 588 girls surveyed in Australia have been involved in sexting. In 2010, 160 youths between the ages of 10 and 17 were charged with child pornography offences. Young lives are being damaged, say no to sexting.
  • Counsellor
    Chrysalis Support Services
    When a child says they have been abused BELIEVE THEM; it's a powerful part of their healing process. When we don’t believe, we run the risk of subjecting them to further abuse.
  • Counsellor
    "Hope of a Future"
    Chrysalis Support Services
    We educate clients on the impacts of trauma and how this clouds their ability to make quality decisions. Over time as the the layers of trauma are removed, clients have the capacity to work towards a functional and sustainable lifestyle.

Child Sexual Assault Therapist Service

What is Child Sexual Assault?

Child sexual assault is any sexual act or sexual threat imposed on a child or young person. Child sexual assault includes a range of behaviours. An adult, adolescent or older child can use their authority or power to involve a child in sexual activities. This may include;

  • Touching
  • Encouraging children to touch other people in a sexual way
  • Exposing themselves to children
  • Asking the child to expose him/ herself
  • Showing pornography to children
  • Rape

Who are the offenders?

Sexual assault from strangers occurs, but the facts tell us that often the offender is someone the child knows and trusts. This can include family members, family friends or other people that the family knows.

Positions of trust and authority offer offenders opportunities to use their familiarity to manipulate children’s trust.

Important facts about Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a crime.

Family friends, family members or strangers may sexually assault children.

Sexual assault is NEVER the child’s or young person’s fault. It is not unusual for parents to blame themselves, but it is ALWAYS the offender who is responsible for the sexual assault.  Each child reacts differently to sexual assault.

Let your child know that you believe them.

It’s important for your child to know that you believe them. The following messages will help your child understand that you believe them.

  • Telling was the right thing to do
  • I believe you
  • It was not your fault
  • I’m sorry this had happened to you
  • The offender is responsible for what happened, not you
  • I am glad you are talking to me about it
  • Together we can stop this from happening again

Who is who?

Depending on the circumstances of your child’s assault and the wishes of you and your child, professional staff from several agencies may be involved. The roles of officers and professionals from each of the agencies are outlined below.

Department of Child Protection

  • Receive and assess report of suspected sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse and neglect of children
  • Refer to specialist team of Police officers
  • Refer to Child Therapist
  • Investigate and assess alleged abuse or neglect if children
  • Interview child who has disclosed sexual abuse
  • Help make sure children are safe
  • Work with other agencies to ensure safety and protection of children

One of our every three girls will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18


  • Work jointly with officers from the Department of Child Protection to investigate the assault
  • Investigate and decide if there is enough evidence to take criminal action
  • Initiate contact with the child and/ or family and other witnesses and conduct interviews
  • Put the matter before court where appropriate

Child Sexual Assault Services

  • Provide Therapists specially trained to talk with children and parents about feelings and difficulties they may be having following sexual assault
  • Assist, support and counsel children and their parents to help them deal with some of the effects they may occur after sexual assault
  • Provide practical assistance to parents and children after the child makes known that they have been sexually assaulted
  • Provide accurate information about the nature of child sexual assault
  • Provide information about other services which may be helpful

Important contact numbers

Geraldton Police 9923 4555

Police 000 (in an emergency) or 131 444 (for enquiries/advice)

Ambulance 000

Crisis Care (24 hrs) 9223 1111 (metro) 1800 199 008 (country)

Crisis and emotional support is available by contacting office (08) 9938 0750
Women’s Refuge (08) 9964 2173 or 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1800 016 789