"One Death is Too Many"
    WA Police Department
    In the 12 months since we last marched, there have been 16 recorded homicides in Western Australian due to  family and domestic violence.
  • The Facts
    "Child Sexual Abuse"
    One in three girls and one in six boys will be abused before the age of 18years.  In order to work towards preventing children becoming victims of abuse, it is vital to educate children on their rights of personal safety.
  • The Laws
    "Sexting Is Illegal"
    Don't end up on the Sex Offender Register
    40% of 588 girls surveyed in Australia have been involved in sexting. In 2010, 160 youths between the ages of 10 and 17 were charged with child pornography offences. Young lives are being damaged, say no to sexting.
  • Counsellor
    Chrysalis Support Services
    When a child says they have been abused BELIEVE THEM; it's a powerful part of their healing process. When we don’t believe, we run the risk of subjecting them to further abuse.
  • Counsellor
    "Hope of a Future"
    Chrysalis Support Services
    We educate clients on the impacts of trauma and how this clouds their ability to make quality decisions. Over time as the the layers of trauma are removed, clients have the capacity to work towards a functional and sustainable lifestyle.

Domestic Violence Outreach

The Outreach programme is an early intervention and prevention strategy that is aimed at breaking the cycle of domestic violence and preventing women and children becoming homeless as a result of this violence.

Though primarily aimed at keeping women and children safe in their own homes, the programme also intends to connect victims and perpetrators of family and domestic violence with ongoing support services such as counselling, Department of Housing, Legal Aid services, Department for Child Protection, advocacy, and the Family Protection Unit based at the police station.

The role uses a brokerage fund that enables flexibility with assisting individual client needs, for example; home security, assistance with transport and moving, referrals for counselling, legal aid, education assistance and ongoing support.

The Outreach Worker builds relationships with local services and is involved with the Case Management Coordination Services Group. The group meets to assist high risk clients, already known to prime agencies within Geraldton, and help the clients to receive a more holistic approach to the support being offered.

To enable the Outreach Worker to offer assistance there can be a police incident report, a VRO in progress, or a referral through another agency. Predominantly referrals are directed to the Outreach Worker via the Family Protection Unit based in Geraldton, after they have obtained client consent. The Outreach Worker will then get in contact with the client where a risk assessment and support plan will be completed, as will an assessment of the clients immediate needs.

Although the Outreach Worker is based in Geraldton, they are able to travel to the Midwest and Gascoyne region in the company of the Family Protection Unit and associated workers to offer assistance.

Important contact numbers

Geraldton Police 9923 4555

Police 000 (in an emergency) or

131 444 (for enquiries/advice)

Ambulance 000

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