"One Death is Too Many"
    WA Police Department
    In the 12 months since we last marched, there have been 16 recorded homicides in Western Australian due to  family and domestic violence.
  • The Facts
    "Child Sexual Abuse"
    One in three girls and one in six boys will be abused before the age of 18years.  In order to work towards preventing children becoming victims of abuse, it is vital to educate children on their rights of personal safety.
  • The Laws
    "Sexting Is Illegal"
    Don't end up on the Sex Offender Register
    40% of 588 girls surveyed in Australia have been involved in sexting. In 2010, 160 youths between the ages of 10 and 17 were charged with child pornography offences. Young lives are being damaged, say no to sexting.
  • Counsellor
    Chrysalis Support Services
    When a child says they have been abused BELIEVE THEM; it's a powerful part of their healing process. When we don’t believe, we run the risk of subjecting them to further abuse.
  • Counsellor
    "Hope of a Future"
    Chrysalis Support Services
    We educate clients on the impacts of trauma and how this clouds their ability to make quality decisions. Over time as the the layers of trauma are removed, clients have the capacity to work towards a functional and sustainable lifestyle.


Love Bites Program Student Feedback

“If you grow up in an abusive background, that doesn’t mean you are going to be abusive”. 
– Male student

“This was a good program and I think every school should be involved in Love Bites”. 
– Female student

Listen to the Radio Ad created by Nagle year 10 students with the help of Blake Young to promote healthy relationships. 


The first 2014 Love Bites Community campaign single “Never Stop Shining” by SHINE Feat. Blake Young is now available on iTunes: iTunes_Logo_web.

Watch the stunning music music on Ytube:

LOVE BITES is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program that focuses on the development of respectful relationships and violence prevention for 14-17 year olds. It aims to break intergenerational cycles of domestic and family violence and the increasing rates of sexual assault, by supporting young people to develop respectful relationships.

Currently over 100,000 high school students throughout Australia have participated in this interactive and innovative program.

Trained LOVE BITES facilitators deliver the program which consists of two interactive education workshops on Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault followed by creative workshops that consolidate the information from the Love Bites messages and create a youth led community campaign.

goodness_award2Chrysalis was thrilled to have been a part of The Midwest Respect Love Bites partnership that won the Health Award sponsored by St John of God Hospital at the 2014 Goodness awards that showcased inspiring local organisations in our community. The Chrysalis team, which includes Geraldton Regional Community Education Centre and Emergence Australia, delivered the first Love Bites program to Shine students at JWC.

The Love Bites hip hop campaign song, based on the messages of the program has been released. The “Never Stop Shining” single is available on iTunes.  The film clip is available on Ytube and Vimeo.  We would like to say a huge thank you to Blake Young (aka Young Chozen) for his amazing facilitation song writing workshops.  The students were given the opportunity to record the lyrics with Blake’s encouragement in the studio.  The talented hip hop artist is also featured on the “Never Stop Shining” single.

CSSI would also like to acknowledge that this campaign was possible due to the funds generated by the City of Greater Geraldton and Country Arts WA.  We thank you for the belief in this campaign which has created greater awareness, self worth and respect in the students that participated.

Listen to ABC interview on the first Love Bites campaign 2014.

For more information on the Love Bites program please contact Chrysalis (08) 9938 0750.

“I believe the Love Bites program can change the future of young people and really help them.”  Shine Student JWC

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