poster edited 1Respect Me. Don’t Sext Me Campaign

‘Sexting’ is a term created by the media to describe the practice of creating, sending and receiving sexually suggestive, semi-nude images, nude images or text messages. It most commonly refers to material sent using mobile phones andometimes webcams. This includes blogs, posts on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and images or clips from Skype or YouTube.  Some of the terms young people use for this activity are ‘nudes’ (“n00dz plz”), ‘selfies’ or they just ask for ‘a pic’ short for ‘a picture’ meaning one that is sexually explicit.

In 2015, CSSI received a grant from the City of Greater Geraldton to run the Respect Me. Don’t Sext Me Campaign. The campaign was in response to a recent Parliamentary inquiry into sexting and included a TV advertisement, Posters at Wendy’s and the PCYC, banners in the mall, Streetside advertising, wrist bands and T shirts.

Community Education
The Respect Me. Don’t Sext Me educational pack was added to the Community Education programs and delivered to local schools. The educational games in the pack aim to promote and encourage respectful relationships and ethical decision making in a digital world. To provide young people with the knowledge and tools to:
• Have a better understanding of some of the negative outcomes of sexting
• Develop strategies to resist sexting requests.
• Know what to do if they receive sexts.
• Challenge attitude’s of ‘sexting as normal and not a big deal’.
• Be aware of the outcomes and risks for themselves and others; legal, social, personal and technological.
Posters on the damaging effects of ‘Sexting’ were created by year 10 Nagle students at the conclusion of the Love Bites program.   Please feel free to download and print the posters.   We encourage schools and organisations to display the posters and join the campaign.

Download Anti Sexting Posters Kelly House  |  Download Anti Sexting Posters Foley House

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