"One Death is Too Many"
    WA Police Department
    In the 12 months since we last marched, there have been 16 recorded homicides in Western Australian due to  family and domestic violence.
  • The Facts
    "Child Sexual Abuse"
    One in three girls and one in six boys will be abused before the age of 18years.  In order to work towards preventing children becoming victims of abuse, it is vital to educate children on their rights of personal safety.
  • The Laws
    "Sexting Is Illegal"
    Don't end up on the Sex Offender Register
    40% of 588 girls surveyed in Australia have been involved in sexting. In 2010, 160 youths between the ages of 10 and 17 were charged with child pornography offences. Young lives are being damaged, say no to sexting.
  • Counsellor
    Chrysalis Support Services
    When a child says they have been abused BELIEVE THEM; it's a powerful part of their healing process. When we don’t believe, we run the risk of subjecting them to further abuse.
  • Counsellor
    "Hope of a Future"
    Chrysalis Support Services
    We educate clients on the impacts of trauma and how this clouds their ability to make quality decisions. Over time as the the layers of trauma are removed, clients have the capacity to work towards a functional and sustainable lifestyle.

Chrysalis House Women’s Refuge

Chrysalis House Women’s refuge provides safe supported accommodation for women with or without children who are escaping family or domestic violence or are at risk of being homeless because of a crisis. There are 4 rooms available. We are able to accommodate 16 people-families and single women, you generally have your own bedroom but share facilities like the kitchen and bathroom. There is a cost for staying at the refuge, it is $15 a night and $5 for each child. The Support Workers at the refuge offer practical and emotional support, they will help you with things like, getting onto Centrelink benefits, making a Doctor’s appointment and will refer to other agencies to assist with finances, housing, personal support and counselling services. There is also help for young children to deal with the trauma associated with family and domestic violence. At the refuge there is a Child Support Worker. The Child Support Worker will help out the Mum’s that are staying at the refuge. The child support worker can assist with school and day care enrolments and can give you information about the effects of trauma on children that witness or experience family and domestic violence. There is access to a child’s development needs and the Child Support Worker can make the appropriate referrals. The Child Support Worker also has three programs that are available for children at the refuge

  • Kindy Gym @ PCYC
  • Story time at the Geraldton Library
  • Playgroup at Rangeway Primary School.

The refuge also has an onsite Child Advocate. The Child Advocacy service can assist in linking mothers and children who have suffered harmful effects from domestic violence, to identified community services and/or agencies that will assist them to work through the harmful effects and reduce the likelihood of homelessness as a result of family and domestic violence. Our service is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week and we can be contacted on 99642173.

Safety Plan
Your safety is the most important thing. Listed below are tips to help keep you safe.

If you are still in the relationship:

  • Think of a safe place to go if an arguments occurs- avoid rooms with no exits
  • Think about and make a list of safe people to contact. Keep change with you at all times
  • Memorize important numbers Establish a “code word” or “sign” so that family, friends, teachers or co-workers know when to call for help.
  • Think about what you will say to your partner if he/she becomes violent Remember, you have to right to live without fear and violence.

If you have left the relationship:

  • Change your phone number
  • Screen calls
  • Save and document all contact, messages, injuries, or other incidents involving the abuser
  • Change locks if ex partner has keys
  • Avoid staying alone
  • Plan how to get away if confronted by your ex partner
  • If you have to meet your partner, do it in a public place
  • Vary your routine
  • Notify school and work contacts
  • Call a refuge if you feel unsafe

If you leave the relationship or are thinking of leaving, you should take important papers and documents with you to enable you to apply for benefits or take legal action.

Important papers you should take include:

  • all proof of identification Birth certificate for you and your children your
  • Marriage certificate Lease or deeds in your name
  • Banks and Credit cards
  • Bank statements Insurance policies
  • Proof of income
  • Centrelink statements
  • Any other documentation of past incidents of abuse (photos, police reports, medical records etc)

If you need any assistance contact Chrysalis Support Services Inc. on 08 9938 0750.

Important contact numbers

  • Geraldton Police 9923 4555
  • Police 000 (in an emergency) or 131 444 (for enquiries/advice)
  • Ambulance 000

Crisis accommodation, information and support

  • Chrysalis House Women’s Refuge 9964 2173 (24 hours)
  • Salvo Care Line (24 hrs) 9442 5777 (metro) 1800 198 313 (country)
  • Crisis Care (24 hrs) 9223 1111 (metro) 1800 199 008 (country)

Crisis and emotional support is available by contacting office (08) 9938 0750
Women’s Refuge (08) 9964 2173 or 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1800 016 789