The Volleyball Against Violence (VAV) is an exciting new event created by a local group of volleyball enthusiasts. This vibrant event aims to bring the community together to raise awareness of domestic violence.




Event Program: Volleyball Against Violence
Date: Saturday, 8th October 2016
Time: 10am to 4pm
Location: Geraldton Foreshore
Beneficiary: Chrysalis Support Services Inc.

VAV Flyer 2016

Download 2016 VAV Prospectus

Download 2016 VAV Flyer pdf

What an amazing day, check out the 2015 VAV Photos!


THE VAV EVENT was successful beyond our expectations. We estimated 10 teams but ended up having 15 teams making up approximately 80 players on the day. We had a lot of positive feedback from players who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would like to see another event.
We had 15 sponsors who donated $1500 to Chrysalis and a myriad of prizes and free giveaways.
As an organiser it was fantastic to see so many people volunteer to help run the event. Everyone was happy to help out and we had an organisational team of 20 or more people on the day.
The event achieved its two primary goals which were to raise awareness about domestic violence and bring the community together have fun!

It’s an event that will undoubtedly be bigger and better next year.

Vaughan Masters – VAV Coordinator


The outcomes of the VAV event:

  • Create an exciting event to promote active lifestyles and involvement
  • Build a powerful sense of community by bringing people together
  • Promote awareness of domestic violence

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